IMESAFR Science Panel

Published in 2018 International Explosives Safety Symposium & Exposition, 2018

Recommended citation: McNeill, S. K., Hsu, N., Tatom, J., & Evans, W. (2018). The IMESAFR Science Panel. In International Explosives Safety Symposium & Exposition: Explosives Safety & Munitions Risk Management. San Diego, CA: DTIC.

ATF recommended and sponsored the formation of the Institute of Makers of Explosives Safety Analysis for Risk (IMESAFR) Science Panel (ISP), which reviews and discusses the technical content of the IMESAFR software, desired future algorithms, and field testing associated with the IMESAFR models. The group was modeled after the Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board (DDESB) Science Panel. The ISP is co-chaired by ATF and IME (but is not an IME committee) and invites participation and technical contributions from the commercial explosives community, associated regulatory bodies, and academia. Recent accomplishments by the ISP include changes to: the debris algorithms, the barricade logic, the probability of event, and the uncertainty routine. The group will continue to review the maturity of the existing IMESAFR algorithms and discuss any necessary improvements or additions. The ISP recommends test programs to improve IMESAFR software. The ISP may also recommend numerical modeling or other analytical studies to provide “synthetic data” when testing is not feasible.

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